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Artist/Singer Collaboration: Full Proposal

In Fine Arts, Performance on February 15, 2010 at 11:05 am


My name is Lucy Wright and I am a third year Fine Art student at UWIC School of Art and Design. My primary media is video and for my current project I am interested in working with someone who is a trained/passionate singer.

Ideally I am looking for a classically trained singer who has a strong interest in modern and contemporary performances. I wish to film a video that will form the second part of a trilogy and that will most likely be exhibited for my degree show at the end of May. The rundown of the video is: I would like to film a singer preparing themselves, warming up/practicing, and then finally performing a piece of their choice. The video will probably end up being just short of 20 minutes but will require several hours worth of filming.

I will ask the performer themselves to choose the songs they would like to perform; for my previous film I recorded a saxophonist from Edinburgh who played some Bach, Debussy and some Ryo Noda (the latter of which I used in the film). I ask for a range of music because my project is about studying faces, so the more varied footage I can gather the better! What I must stress as very important is that I film the performer ‘warming up’ and preparing for their performance, as well as any small rituals that they might indulge in beforehand (in the last video this involved the performer doing her hair and putting on her make-up).

Still from 'Emily'

As you have no doubt guessed from this, the film will be quite intimate and it will involve a lot of facial close-ups, so you could perhaps see this as a challenge if you’re camera shy, or you could just love being on camera. My films resemble a format associated with television documentaries more than they do a stereotypical ‘art’ film and I aim for perfect sound quality.

The filming itself could easily be executed in one day so as not to take up much of your time. However, it would be necessary to meet beforehand (in a place of your choice) in order to discuss the music you would like to perform; I would also be able to give you a DVD of my film ‘Emily’ so you could observe the style in which I would be filming you.

Still from 'Emily'

The filming itself will be done wherever the performer chooses, be it their practice rooms at university, their room in their house or anywhere else they would feel comfortable. Preferably I would like to start filming as soon as the participant will allow – definitely within the next 3 weeks.

If you change your mind after watching the film or for any other reason then that is absolutely fine! I do not want to make anyone feel pressured into participating if they decide otherwise. The performer would, of course, receive a copy of the video once completed.

Please contact me if you are interested, or even if you are not quite sure. If there is anything I have not explained well or not addressed then feel free to ask, I will be more than happy to reply (my email address is posted below). This project is a collaboration and I will work around what suits the performer and what makes them comfortable. There is no pressure for the performance to be perfect; I am more interested in filming a person who is utterly passionate about the pieces they are singing.

For a more in-depth look at my work (including film stills) check out the links below to previous blog entries:

Video Stills: Autumn Project Archive

Getting to Know You: Extended Artist Statement

Kind regards,

Lucy Wright

email – lewright.va@googlemail.com
Tel – 07979502792


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