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Jobcentre vs. The Jobseeker: Is it a sin to be a job snob?

In Identity, Life, Stressed on September 7, 2010 at 7:36 pm

In twenty minutes I will be embarking on my second day of organised retail training. Apparently if you have worked solidly in education from the age of four until twenty-two, and if on top of this you have worked in retail since the age of fifteen, then you need to be instructed (or is it reminded?) that employers like a smile when they encounter you for the first time. Did you know that first impressions count? And that there are a variety of shops and jobs coagulated into one consumer-driven and apparently mysterious lump?

I would like to clarify that I fully endorse any training courses that aid individuals in getting a job. I would also like to reinforce that the previous comment was not sarcastic. The woman running the course is enthusiastic, intelligent and has had an admirable career; my fellow un-emplyees are generally very pleasant and, like Ms. Retail (as she shall be known here) they generally appear to be enthused with a desire to master The Interview. I actually found myself feeling shamed by their amiable attitudes yesterday; there I was, unwilling and dry when really I should be making the most of this opportunity. But I just couldn’t do it. I could not get into the spirit of the event.

So has art school turned me into a snob? There are a few perspectives that I could consider this question from. The first is ‘yes, I am a snob’. Not necessarily an art snob but a Job Snob. The second is ‘no, you just feel monumentally let down by all the various education institutions that you’ve trundled through in your life’, only to be shat out the other end into a world where top marks for effort appear to be worth bugger all. Perhaps this second perspective begins to veer back towards Jobsnob, but I’m just being honest. My achievements didn’t come naturally; I had to slog it and now I feel as if that slogging was not worth it.

Now, as I said in my previous blog, I am being slightly melodramatic. I only graduated two months ago and good fortune can’t just miraculously fall upon me the second I enter the ‘real’ world, especially as the world is a challenging place for most people right now…but anyway, I’ll have to update more after today’s session – after all my moaning about it I would still feel rude being late! Stay tuned for more prose on the thrilling time that I’m no doubt going to have today…

…So it’s breaktime, 11:15 am to be precise. So far we’ve managed to conclude that the most productive way to spend your time as a jobseeker is to seek for jobs. Be organised; have a goal; be realistic! So there go my plans to be a CEO before Christmas rears its ugly head. Damn.

I’ll admit I’m finding it difficult to stay positive. Must try harder. Must remember that even if I don’t go for the interview at Toys R Us THIS IS STILL WORTH IT. I will learn many things.

It looks like this has been (and will be? Depends how motivated I feel following the afternoon ‘teamwork session’) a very spasmodic blog entry. Many apologies.

…It’s now 8:20 pm. We had to make lego houses for our team-building session. You’d think that it would have pissed me off but I’m never one to say no to lego, or to building ridiculously unrealistic toy contraptions. It just goes to show – lego cures miserable people.

  1. nah, you’re not a job snob; you just know what you want! It’s a very good thing not to settle unless you simply NEED a job to get by until you’re done with school like me haha.. But if you’re dont with school and know what you want, it’s perfectly fine to be picky with jobs because what’s a job when it becomes just a chore and a bore. That’s why we all go to school so we’re not stuck doing our “chores” forever. 🙂

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