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Oh Christmas Spirit, Where Art Thou?

In Life, Stressed on December 25, 2011 at 9:29 am

Christmas is a strange time. Every adult feels the pressure to feel joyous and generous with one’s friends and family, to the point where you’ve written the fiftieth Christmas card and want to tear your own face off. Not that I’m proactive enough to actually bother giving Christmas cards, but I imagine that’s what it feels like. It’s as if, as a nation, we depend on Christmas to make everything OK. From having various discussions with friends and acquaintances, most people instead seem to feel an inordinate amount of seasonal guilt whilst being manically stressed. It’s like New Year, but masked underneath a mess of tinsel and questionable good-will.

And nothing is quite like the guilt I feel after years of not buying my friends Christmas gifts. Year by year they always surprise me with beautiful and thoughtful presents that they have slaved over or bought months before because they saw it and knew I’d adore it. So why, after such a prolonged time, am I still crap at even thinking about presents for them? After all, I know what they would appreciate, what they would love and, most importantly, what they would despise (or find hilarious – it’s a fine line). But don’t ask me to make something; I don’t do craft, for other people’s sake.

I think I can get away with it this year. Not because of my sad puppy face, but because (let’s face it) no one actually has any money these days. At least not the people I know (and by people I mean ‘students’ and ‘recently graduated’). As a group of friends we can avert ourselves away from the festive season. I think a mediocre Italian meal and a drink will do the trick. After all, the Christmas season is all about the people you spend it with, right?

And finally, to my friends who have already given me presents: I am extremely grateful. And I sincerely apologise.

  1. I’m glad our conversation inspired you to write such a lovely, heartfelt piece of literature. I enjoyed reading it immensely and will be perusing through your other works very soon. I feel just as bad about my lack of organisation! Can I wrap a bow around myself and be your Christmas gift this year? If not, maybe next year will be different and we’ll have won the lottery by then (or declared bankruptcy). I’m looking forward to our mediocre Italian meal together as I’m longing for the moment when our eyes meet across a candlelit table once again. Oh how I miss your glowing features. If you’re lucky, I’ll treat you to a blackcurrant squash. Anyway, Merry Christmas and all that jazz! Love ooo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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