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About L. E. Wright

Greetings, visitor!

Welcome to my blog. Prior warning: I like to think about art. A lot.

Art is a broad term. To be more specific, I think about Fine Art, be it painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, video, performance, and all the bits in-between. Literature, theatre, cinema, illustration, philosophy and the media also pray on my mind and crop up here from time to time. It really depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

I’m currently living the city life, having finished an MA in Professional Writing and a BA in Fine Art Media & Performance. Since then I have worked as a freelance copywriter and filmmaker for various artists and organisations. I’m currently a bookseller and copywriter for an independent bookshop in the south-west of England.

This blog helps me sort stuff out in my head. Here’s hoping it interests you in some way too! Let me know if it does; feedback and discussions are always appreciated.

And last but not least: please enjoy!

  1. Lucy!
    I found you frustration piece rather comical and don’t think you need change it in anyway. Leave it with your true emotions, it would falsify your points if your ‘dumbed it down.’
    As for the small review of (ahem) my video work, why don’t you start reviewing Tuesday show work more often? Perhaps you wouldn’t need to show your thoughts to the practitioners who you critique, but the practise would be beneficial and you seem to clarify your thoughts through writing honestly.

    Lots of Lucy love,

  2. Da iawn!
    Great site!

  3. This is so proffessional, your writing is fantastic and i have really enjoyed your video’s, I even watched 3 almost alll the way through, and this is coming from someone who isnt fussed by video art!

    Your work has a real lightness of touch, I really enjoyed it!! xxx

  4. Hi. It seems like you need something else, something more. I went through a stage in my life where being able to drum up excitement wasn’t possible. My career was flat, my home life not what I wanted and there was always this nagging feeling that time was passing me by.
    How did I fix it?
    I didn’t. Not totally but I did get back on the hunt for what it was that I’ve missed. It led me to become a better person because the restlessness won’t let me be until I’ve accomplished something, no matter how small.
    It’s much better now. I have new websites, an online business opening soon, and several book available on the Kindle. With each step I take toward my own goals, the stressed out fog and blurry eyes resentment fades. So much, that I feel the need to reach out to others like me and help if I can.
    PS I recently moved my blog but you can still pm me if you’d like to talk about a job opening I’ll have in January for an Ebook cover artist.

  5. Please excuse the typo’s. Long morning.

  6. Brilliant, informative, insightful, expansive, and local – what more can I ask for ;D Keep up the great work 😉

  7. Hello, kindred spirit ) I’ve not yet covered all of the posts, but I seem to be falling in love with your blog )

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